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Thank you for Visiting!     Here you will find my current list of music CD’s and Mp3’s, all of them very unique in their own way. All the music is original, spontaneously played, and recorded in my home.     Some are surprised to hear I am not a trained piano player. Instead, I’ve developed my own style of learning to use chord structure to create and improvise the melodies I hear.     My desire is to bring healing and peace to troubled hearts and minds all over the world as each of the piano CD's are unique in focus and intention.     The prices are very affordable and yes, that does include shipping (in the US)!    An added feature is that you can now purchase the Mp3 files of your desired music CD for $9.99. These  Mp3 files will be sent to your email address upon my receiving your PayPal payment. This will allow you quicker access, and you can save the files to your cell phone, tablet, or computer.          These Mp3 files can also be purchased and sent to a someone's email address as a gift.  Simply enter the email address where you would like the files to be forwarded along with any gifting instructions on the PayPal Payment page.     Do let me know how I may provide you with beautiful instrumental piano music for your different listening needs - background music, special events, commercials, business needs and other presentations.        Also, be sure and check out the amazing Quantum Healing book by my dear friend, David Van Koevering.     And on the Frequencies page is the Elements CD, featuring the harmonic frequencies of the eleven abundant elements in the human body. The Elements CD by Corey Pryor has a unique healing sound and quality, and the science behind it is fascinating.     If you are interested in sound therapy, be sure and click on the link to www.soundthatheals.com to learn about my work as a practitioner and certified teacher working with Ancient Solfeggio frequencies.     For any questions, or to call in your order with a credit card number, please feel free to call me at 509- 599-0433.    If you prefer to mail in your check and order, my address is 21200 E Country Vista Dr Suite L-104, Liberty Lake, WA 99019.   Be sure to check out my CD collection here!  There are sample tracks you can hear.  Some say it is the best soaking music for both humans and animals alike!

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       I also offer customized original piano sound tracks  for media presentations, meditation, prayer, and websites.  Call me for details at 509-599-0433, so I can personalize music for you.         Above all, may your life be filled with the beauty of peace, grace, and music!         Please let me know how I may provide you with beautiful instrumental piano music for your listening needs.       
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A Wonderful New Feature on        My Newest Website      You can now purchase and download my latest six grand piano Mp3 files directly to yourself, when you go to:     Downloading access is available for your cell phones, tablets, and computers.
www.CarlaReedPiano.com Carla Newest Release! Carla Reed’s Newest CD  “MIRACLE MUSIC” is here! Listen to the sample tracks here.
All Mp3's are now just $9.99 with Fast and Easy Access Emailed to You!  
Music CD’s are only $12.99 with US postage included.