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An Adventure into the Unknown My new book, An Adventure Into The Unknown, is now available in a CD, with both Word and PDF formats. It’s easy to carry, download, and read. Print it out at your leisure, or just read online. You will never read another book like it, I promise!! It's filled with wonderful stories, a truly epic journey across America to gather and pray over the waters. Let the "Voice of Many Waters" speak to you...       (Water is not included with the CD)   Free Shipping included!
 Quantum Prayers is a 100 page book of prayers,  including General Prayers, and specific prayers  such as: Prayers for Autism Prayers for Cancer Prayers for your House Prayers for a Difficult Neighbor and many more. $12.00    Free Shipping included!
BOOK:   Quantum Prayers
BOOK:   Quantum Healing Quantum Healing was developed from a transcription of the 2009 Singapore Conference. It contains over 200 pages, has been compiled into subject areas, and includes prayers for individual people prayed over two evenings. David Van Koevering explains in detail the science-faith connection, and Becky explains the necessity and power of the blood shield. Dr. Thomas Lucky, Internist, states, "You can really feel the Spirit of God as David and Becky ministered to people and even as David simply explains the physics of the Divine and the awesome potential each of us has. It is almost like being there. David and Becky's passion for change in the paradign of outdated thinking will resonate with your spirit as you turn the pages of this fine work. It will surely change the life of the reader." $28.00       Free Shipping included!