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Every day, our bodies are bombarded by free range ElectroMagnetic  and Radio Frequencies (EMF & RF) resulting from common usage electronics and radio transmitters, such as cell phones, microwaves, computers, and power lines. The radiation contained in these frequencies has been clinically proven to cause SEVERE damage to the human body. Conditions linked as possibly resulting from EMF and RF exposure include: ∙ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ∙ Arthritis ∙ Migraine Headaches ∙ Parkinson’s Disease ∙ Poor Eyesight ∙ Thyroid and Adrenal Disorders ∙ Panic Attacks ∙ Reproductive Disorders ∙ Hyperactivity ∙ Pineal Calcification (Multiple Sclerosis) ∙ Calcium Deficiency ∙ Dementia (Alzheimer’s) ∙ Sleep Disorders ∙ Varicose Veins ∙ Cardiac Disorders ∙ And MANY MORE! There is an easy, simple, and fast way to eliminate the toxic frequencies and the harmful substances they produce in your body! The answer? GROUNDED FOR HEALTH An easy way to release the harmful Electro-Magnetic and Radio Frequencies from your body at a cellular level.  Through “hooking up” your body to a simple Grounding Circuit for 30-45 minutes a day. That’s all you need for maintaining optimal “Grounding”. If you can wear a watch, you can Get Grounded! While Human Body Grounding is not diagnosing or specifically treating any disease, disorder or condition, over 100,000 clinical studies worldwide have shown consistent relief from EACH condition listed above and many more — simply by letting the body connect again to the earth.  David Van Koevering  (See flyer) $215.00    Free Shipping included!
The First of Its Kind!!! ABUNDANT HUMAN ELEMENTS CD with Corey Pryor, Keyboards and David Van Koevering Technology The music on this CD was created using "the table of elements synthesizer" which tunes the frequencies and frequency partials to the atomic weight vibration of the elements that make up the human body. When playing this music you will be causing your body to resonate with your original design set of frequencies. The fundamental frequencies have been embellished with frequency tuned melodic phrases and textures that help the listener relax and absorb the frequencies into their bodies. In 2007 Corey and Quantum Physicist David Van Koevering met at a Music, Sound, Light, and Quantum Physics Conference. From there, they shared ideas of music and sound, the very nature of our universe, and how the world as we know it is made up of vibrating particles held together with the laws of the creator. The human body is composed of 31 elements; 11 are referred to as Abundant Elements and the 20 referred to as trace elements are very small in amount. Sickness and disease are distortions of these frequencies that don't belong. What if we could create music based on the original frequency set put in place from our awesome Creator when He spoke us into being! We could get our bodies to resonate those original frequencies and cause sickness and disease to dissipate.... The Periodic Table of Elements (PTOE) contains the energy set of frequencies found to be the 31 basic elements of your body. Of these elements, 11 are Abundant and 20 are Trace. This CD contains the 11 Abundant Elements. The PTOE have been transposed into musical pitches and digitized into electronic music synthesizers, via computer control. $28.00    Free Shipping included!


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