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STILL WATERS CD - $12.99 (mailed) MP3 - $9.99 (via email attachment or through DropBox)
Still Waters My 2009 piano instrumental CD, called Still Waters is for quiet moments of background, reflection, ministry, or prayer. There are 6 tracks totaling 52 minutes. I trust it will be a blessing to you!! The artwork is one of my own pictures taken on a recent trip back home from Boise, ID near Riggins, ID.  I love the richness of the color and the piano sounds that flow gently like water. Update 2013:  I recently re-mastered Still Waters to put in a companion track of water sounds. I've had some interesting things come up on this one regards to comforting animals, especially dogs. Our local county dog pound is using it calm the animals down in their kennel. Pretty amazing!
Favorite Keyboard Instrumentals I have chosen my favorite tracks from three of my keyboard CD's, Mysteries of the Deep, Arise, and Reflections of Glory. I wanted to make one CD available that captures these original and unique sounds of instrumental worship. My picture of the majestic eagle is taken from a beautiful waterfalls in Idaho Falls and captures the lift of the Spirit that happens when we listen to beautiful music.  Enjoy!
Favorite Piano Instrumentals I love my beautiful grand piano, and chose songs from each of the instrumentals, Morning Glory, Still Waters, and Quietude. These are my original songs flowing out my fingertips by the Spirit to bring peace and comfort. My picture of beautiful Coeur D Alene Lake invites you into the serenity and mystic beauty of solitude. Enjoy the peace.
Quietude Several months ago, I sat at my piano to play my yearning for peace and quiet in a troubled world. As the sounds flowed from my hands, I recorded those moments of longing for each of us to find a place of rest. The beautiful sunset is my picture from Maine as I finished a memorable prayer journey and stopped to watch the sun set across an unnamed lake. The pinks and blues were reflected across the waters.  "In quietness and confidence shall be your strength."
Morning Glory To those who have followed my newsletters, you know I yearned and burned with a desire for a piano. In November 2007, I recorded a 5 minute demo at a Steinway showroom. The title song is that piece. The river of God seemed to flow through me and out my fingers. I've had countless wonderful testimonies about this one song alone. I called it Morning Glory as it so reflects the Glory of the new day that is upon us all. Nothing can stop the sun from coming up in the morning. We may not be able to see it due to clouds, but the sun (Son) is faithful to appear each day. So His Glory shall appear and no one will stop it either. There are 10 tracks and the remaining ones are recorded on my new piano at home. The picture on the label is actually of my new piano sitting in my front room. It is my first grand piano recording, and I tried to keep the flow of Glory through out. It has a bit of a classical flavor, something I'd really like to see brought back into our worship services.
Arise ARISE was recorded in Moravian Falls, North Carolina where I  spent several months on a prayer assignment in 2006. Moravian Falls is considered a 'hot spot' for prophetic revelation and manifestation. I was blessed to stay on Pore’s Knob, a mountain that many feel has an open heaven. There have been powerful encounters on this mountain as people ascended to a holy place in Spirit.It was while staying there, that I recorded the songs of the Spirit that I heard in my heart. The title ARISE is a summons to come up higher than you've ever been before.  It carries a progression that will lift you up and give you a new perspective of yourself and others. The Spirit becomes the wind beneath our wings when we need to fly.
Reflections of Glory  Reflections is also a keyboard instrumental. It is similar to Mysteries as it has a deep relaxing sound of glory that will fill the atmosphere. I had fun experimenting with some different sounds that carry portions of the song into the black keys. It is unique and I think you'll enjoy it. I took a beautiful picture several years ago of the Columbia River in central Washington. It runs north of Wenatchee and through the beautiful valley filled with all the fruit trees and those famous Washington apples. I am always intrigued with reflections in the water and how very real they look. The sight of the Columbia River with the massive producing fruit orchards on both sides is one of the most beautiful drives in all of America...and I ought to know. The photo is of one particular scene that caught my eye. I would like to think we reflect the Glory of God in our lives and it is eye-catching to those around us.
Mysteries of the Deep  Mysteries of the Deep is a keyboard instrumental with 'Deep' sounds of peace. To my astonishment this simple recording has gone around the world to over 25 countries. It is played in many prayer rooms, healing rooms, and living rooms, and can be used anywhere for quieting moments. I've had countless testimonies of the anointing for peace and relaxation and the deep drawing into the Spirit. Also many have reported using the CD while they are reading and for contemplative prayer.  A word of Caution: Some have said they wouldn’t drive with it, however, as it makes them too relaxed. This is actually a great CD for helping you sleep at night. Massage therapists like this CD, and it makes wonderful background music in any home or office setting that needs the peace of God. The original label is with the Scripture verse from Ephesians 1:9. 'Making known unto us the Mysteries of His will, His plan and His purpose...' It has a beautiful picture of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland. The ocean seems to so portray the depths of the mystery and love of God.
The Beautiful Ones               I love them all, but there is something very special about this 'One'... "As for the godly, 'the beautiful ones' who are in the land, they are the excellent, the noble, and the glorious, in whom is all my delight..." Psalms 16:3  Recorded in the year, 2011, with many ones, 1's, and 11's, many of us were aware and watched the mysterious unfolding of the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Therefore this CD is especially dedicated to all of you, The Beautiful Ones, who have graced my life over the years with friendship, hospitality, and generosity.  To keep in the flow of my gratitude. I have recorded 11 tracks, (of course), for a total of 66 minutes. So it is, from my heart, that I dedicate this particular CD, "The Beautiful Ones", to all of you needing to find a place to quiet your heart and mind, and hear a sound that can bring healing and wholeness into this fragmented world. I really love this new CD and the unfolding, flowering of 11 melodies as they bloom forth from my hands. I keep listening to it myself. If you liked the Quietude CD, you will really like this one. It is gentle piano suitable for anytime as background, or prayer, meditation, ministry, and rest. This is suitable to be given or played in any setting, sacred or the market place. The picture on the CD is of a beautiful, bright pink rhododendron flower. This is not just any clip art picture. This is my own picture taken about 4 years ago in the Seattle, WA area. The color pink represents joy, as in 'tickled pink'.  It is a delightful color that represents the heart and heart connections. The flower is made up of many tiny flowers, 'the beautiful individual ones' that make the whole. And so it is, my friends, that as we bring our hearts together in a cluster, we become a beautiful whole grouping that brings forth the fragrance of love, unity, and joy.  May we see ourselves as God’s 'Ones', clustered within the Greater ONE.
Songs of Inspiration While all my other CD’s are my original songs, this CD brings us back to something familiar and the beloved songs many of us still enjoy. However, I’ve added my own flavor and style, playing the 13 songs in my unique way, with a total of 70 minutes worth of inspirational listening.   I trust this CD will bring a calming peace among the storms of life, and touch you at the deepest level of spirit and truth. The label was designed with one of my own pictures of a beautiful flower at a significant and very  difficult time of my life. There is a delicate beauty that I trust will draw us back into the beauty of Grace and take our eyes off the ugliness of profanity, people, politics, and financial pressures. Imagine yourself burying your nose into a beautiful fragrant flower, and forgetting all your problems! Be Inspired!
DREAM ECHO  CD - $12.99 (mailed) MP3 - $9.99 (via email attachment or through DropBox)
New!  Dream Echo Do you have a dream?  Is there a dream that still echoes in your heart?  I had a dream many years ago of owning a grand piano when I didn't even have a place to live!  It looked like an impossible dream! However, my dream did come true in 2007 and today, I have recorded six piano CD's on the beautiful concert grand that fills the corner of my apartment. In fact, one of those CD's, Beautiful Ones, was selected to be a companion CD in an international best selling book, and today, it has sold thousands of copies worldwide.  Even the music on this CD came out of a dream. In 2013, I began going to my piano and playing melodies that spontaneously came to me. As I did, I allowed the sounds to reverberate off the strings of the piano with the lid wide open. I liked the effect of the echo coming back to me of what I was playing.  I’m sure many of us have dreams that still echo within our hearts, even if we'd like to 'close the lid' on them.    The 9 tracks and 65 minutes of this new CD invite you to allow the echo, however faint, to come back to you. The picture is my own, taken of some beautiful clouds on a beautiful summer day, right out my back door, and within several feet of the piano. I was sitting outside on a chaise lounge, looking up, and dreaming.  Now, it is your time to dream again, and my hope and prayer is that the music on this CD will take you there.  Indeed, it's time to open the lid and play again.  
THIS IS IT ~ The piano keys are a picture from my own beautiful grand piano, beginning at the left with the 528hz tuned key. So what you see are the “Piano Keys for Healing,” that I was playing on as I recorded this music.  The lovely hibiscus flower is from my own plant that I recently purchased. I have always loved this flower and recently learned it signifies healing. They bloom for only a day, big, beautiful, and brilliantly. I like to personalize my CD labels to the message of the music, all are original sound tracks. In fact, I can never play them again the same. Like the hibiscus, they bloom for a day, and they are gone.   The beautiful green colors on the label represent the colors of the sound of 528hz, which is the color of new life like a tender green sprout. This new tuning creates a beautiful 'clear as bell sound', lifting the sound of the songs to a greater level for healing and listening enjoyment.  The frequencies, 444hz and 528hz may be new to some of you. They are restored frequencies from early music history, before tuning practices were altered.  Both are significant for potential healing of DNA in your cellular structure.   This spring, I took a big step to retune my piano to these tuning pitches which add a subtle, but distinctive change, bringing a crisp and clarion sound. I loved it right away, and I'm sure you will, too.  There are nine lovely melodies, to bring a soothing and healing touch to weary souls and bodies. I trust it will be a blessing to you, and I'd really love to hear from you.   Enjoy~  It’s on the Summer Special!
CD - $12.99 (mailed) MP3 - $9.99 (via email attachment or through DropBox)
Do you have trouble sleeping?  Many times, people have looked at my music CD's and asked me, "Which one will help me sleep at night"?    With that in mind, I've designed and selected six calming, slower paced melodies and titled this new CD, “Piano PM”.  It's just what you'll need for a peaceful night's rest, and you can even keep it on repeat. The picture is of my own piano with a lighted candle in a softly lit room, and all the makings of sleepy time music.  ~ Sweet Dreams ~
CD - $12.99 (mailed) MP3 - $9.99 (via email attachment or through DropBox)
Do you believe in Miracles?  Do you need a Miracle?  Over the past weeks as I've played and recorded this music, I have thought about & prayed for so many people desperate for changes in their lives.  It will take a miracle, they say; whether those miracles are for physical, emotional, and mental healing, or financial relief, or the restoration of relationships. In 2014, I had my grand piano professionally retuned and recently, fine-tuned to A- 444 Hz, instead of the standard 440 Hz, which allows me to play in the Key of C in 528 Hz. It will be the very first note you hear on the album as it sets the 528 Hz tone for miracles.  In the most famous Solfeggio scale many of us know as Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do,   Mi is 'a name I call myself' as in The Sound of Music. However, in the original Solfeggio, the Mi comes from a Latin term, Mi-ra gestorum, which means Miracle. Webster's Dictionary describes a Miracle as an extraordinary occurrence that surpasses all known human powers of natural forces and is ascribed to a Divine or Supernatural cause, especially to God, and the Latin word, Gestorum is the gesture, expression, or movement toward that cause. What has been rediscovered from centuries ago, called the Ancient Solfeggio, featured MI as the Miracle tone set to 528 Hz.  This is most remarkable as science and geneticists are verifying the effectiveness of 528 Hz in the healing of DNA, thus it is now being played, recorded, and utilized as a healing frequency for facilitating healing Miracles. Some speculate that creation was possibly sung into being by our Creator. We certainly know that sound creates and affects matter, including our physical and mental health. This was dramatically illustrated by Masaro Emoto's studies of sound in water.  If you are interested in learning more about the Ancient Solfeggio, please visit my website: www.soundthatheals.com  and www.carlareed.com The beautiful label is from a picture I took over 10 years ago in Canada. Is it a sunrise or a sunset?  Yes! It is both, for everywhere on earth where the sun is setting for someone, it is rising for another.  I see it as the end of a problem and the beginning of a miracle that bursts forth out of the darkness.  My prayer for you is that Miracle Music will provide a gentle, calming peace to restore your health and hope. There are 12 songs, totally 64 minutes.  I urge you to listen during prayer, meditation, while you sleep, or simply let it play in your home or office as you go about your day. It can go anywhere, anytime, to anyone.  Let Miracles Happen for You!
CD - $12.99 (mailed) MP3 - $9.99 (via email attachment or through DropBox)
Carla’s Newest Release ~ In the 528 Hz tone for miracles! 

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