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Grand  Piano Music

I love this woman and love the gift of sound that she carries so gracefully in her expressions that take you to heavenly places of comfort, peace, visions, and dreams, places where the Presence of God can minister to you body, soul, and spirit. I have given many of her CD's as gifts, and never tire of hearing them myself. One of the first things I do every morning is turn my CD player on and soak my home in them. I can guarantee you that you will not regret purchasing any of her CD's. Dara, WA I love Carla Reed's music. I have three of them and I will have to add this to my collection. Thanks for sharing. Robin, WA I too, am very much enjoying it. And plan to "share the wealth" with many others -- thank you. Susan, WA I met Carla when she came to Moravian Falls, NC, and heard her music when she played at the Apple Hill meetings.  Everyone loved it!  She has had an exciting and interesting life and her music is very soothing, what we call “soaking music” here.  I’m glad to know her and her music! Pam - Moravian Falls NC This is soothing to the core! If you like soothing frequencies playing in your home, this is it.  Bernadette, WA I am so blessed to be able to use Dream Echo in my Cellular Side of Healing workshops. Carla Reed's music is beautiful, original and so inspirational! I can do anything and everything goes together so well when I am listening to her CD's. You have to try them out for yourself! They make beautiful gifts.  Kathi, ID We love all the tracks - really lovely music - thank you so much Carla.  Amanda – Maria, Australia I had attended a weekend meditation workshop and was sitting at the end of the day, just reflecting on how wonderful the day had been.  I was playing for the first time a CD that was attached to the back of a book I was reading.   All of a sudden I stopped and really listened to what I was hearing.  It was unique something I had never heard before.  I was filled with this feeling of unbelievable love.  The music was loving me!  I felt tears dripping down my cheeks, they were not sad tears but tears of joy.  I went over and look at the name on the CD and it was your name.  Since, that time, I started playing your music in my yoga classes during the time of relaxation.  I had friends buy the book, I Believe, just so they could get the CD because the CD had a different name on it.  I found your website and I am so happy because now I know where I can get your music.  Thank you, and may we all be peaceful and happy :)  Evelyn, FL Hello, I just listen to the sample of your Keys That Heal, and I am blown away. The most beautiful music I have ever heard. I want one. Serrilla, TN The music works AMAZING with the dogs. We play it on a steady loop throughout the day and night and the usual chewers don't chew the kennels/ toys/blankets/beds, the usual lickers don't lick themselves raw, we don't have whining, and barking to get out (or for the joy of hearing their own voices) is really very minimal. We feel the dogs are very relaxed inside and the anxiety is very low. We have experimented and left the radio on a couple of different stations, such as KOOL 105, 1180 AM for talk radio, and KALS during sermon times. We hear more shuffle and noise when the oldies are on, a little less when human voices are talking, but the very least amount of discontent when the piano music is playing. Owners who are dropping their dogs off often notice the music and make mention of it as well. Obviously, it is noisy with barking during dropoff times, but they quiet down quickly and then the owners hear the music and I think it actually helps them feel calmer about leaving their dogs. During the day we have regular lights on and the music a little louder, then at night we turn on a soft night light and turn the music down low. We don't hear ANY barking during the night. We have had several dogs come in very scared, very timid, very anxious, and hide in the corner of their kennel. We let them adjust in there for a while, with the music on, then let them out in the yard by themselves to get oriented. When we put them back inside, they have all had more confidence going in and have settled down much more quickly, and we really think the music plays a role in that. The dogs just simply chill when they are listening to it. Thank you so much for giving us the CD. I am sure we will be ordering more as this one wears out. :) Will, Andrea & The Pack Columbia Mountain Kennels Boarding~ Day Care ~Training 531 Windy Acres Drive Columbia Falls, Montana 59912 406.897.7197 www.columbiamountainkennels.com Something has happened to my cat!   I have a stray rescued cat that was so traumatized, it wouldn’t come close to me or allow me to pet it.  Recently, I left the house for most of the day, and forgot to turn off the CD player, where your Piano Keys for Healing CD was playing on repeat. When I returned home that evening, I had a new cat! She came up to me, allowed me to pet her and even wants on my bed with me at night to sleep near me. What happened?  I’m sure the healing frequencies of 528hz that is in the music helped heal the trauma my cat had experienced. It’s amazing! I have a new cat!  Joyce, Marble, WA I played your CD this am and my house became peaceful and reflective as always. My husband was sitting in the line of fire, so to speak, and just came into the kitchen saying this needs to be played while we sleep. His world can be very stressful. I believe the frequencies on This CD open the healing frequencies in body, soul and spirit. My dogs even calm down and rest. Everything comes into a wholistic alignment.  Mary-Ann, ID To pick a favorite CD of Carla's would be like asking me which of my kids I like best! I love them all!   Marsha, Wenatchee, WA Your CD's have blessed me beyond words Carla! When I get one I play it over and over all day! They just take me to that peaceful place where I can dwell!  Joan, WA All of the CD Music I have of yours are good. But, The Beautiful Ones in particular has remained the most inspiring. I have used it regularly since to open creative development energies. I develop personal and professional development courses for Spiritual Healers who desire Licensing at www.shpli.org.   Randall, Columbus, OH I have enjoyed each one of them so much! I love to put them on during my personal time of prayer and meditation! I love the sense of peace that it brings. My grandchildren have even gone to sleep with them playing in their room at night! So your CD’s have really blessed our family!  Teri, Castle Rock, WA Your CD’s have blessed me and brought me peace in a season of life where I have been fighting stress and depression. I would play them in my car throughout my crazy busy days and the music would calm my spirit and take me into the presence of God. Thank you!  Kris, Boise, ID Because you are a beautiful person, that emanates in your music. So we are not only treated to beautiful music when listening to your cd's, we also get a part of your heart which is a blessing to us all!  Tracy, Spokane, WA I love your music! There's something about your music that does something to my Spirit like none other. I have no idea what happened to the 2 discs I used to have. Your water that you anointed me with is also a slam dunk for me as well. Talking about it is manifesting the Holy Spirit right now!  Belinda, Moses Lake, WA I use your piano CD to prep the atmosphere for freedom sessions! They are a beautiful way of ushering glory into the room!  Bill & Cari, WA Your Dream Echo CD has really inspired me to dream again about what I want in life. Recently, as I first heard the new CD, Piano Keys for Healing, I laid on my bed and felt like I was actually getting a tune-up. I love and play all of them, and have given them away as gifts. Joyce, Marble, WA I know I set you an email about your lovely music...feel free to use it...it was so soothing in my new environment and welcomed!  Valerie, FL I was fortunate enough to receive a CD from Carla several years ago, and have since gotten a second disc. I have a chiropractic office and find that we always get positive feedback when the CDs are played in the office. They are soothing and contribute to our healing atmosphere. Thank you Carla!   Dr Pat, Spokane, WA I have 3 of your CD’s, Carla - The Beautiful Ones, The Reflection of Glory & your new Piano Keys for Healing. Each one is unique & ushers in a most beautiful presence & atmosphere into my house. I love them all!!  Deborah, WA My CD player always has at least one of your CD in it! I always play your music before I start a tuning. Creates such an atmosphere of peace!  Cathy, PA If you're looking for some great and anointed soaking instrumental music, Carla Reed is my favourite and I recommend you get some. Those who are listeners of my Healing and Relief from Fear and Anxiety CD and the Father's Blessing CD will be familiar with her music as the piano backing track. It's great music to sleep and rest to also. Kids will love it. Please check out her new site and grab an album. You won't be disappointed.  David Tensen, Australia